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If you go to The Netherlands… May 1, 2007

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I thought it would be nice to give some bookish tips for the people who plan on visiting my country. With all sorts of holidays starting, it might be nice to give some top tips on bookish museums and activities in The Netherlands. You might not visit my country this year, but who knows where you wind up in the future. Just click on the title to go to the website.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Everything you wanted to see and learn about the girl and the most well known diary in the world. If you visit my country, this is a must see. Beware: the queues to get in are of megalomaniac proportions. But it should be worth it.

The National Library in The Hague

The National Library keeps all the publications ever written in our country. The collection has some very rare books. Of course all the books are in Dutch. There are varying exhibitions of and about books.

The museum of the book (Meermanno Museum) in The Hague.

Unfortunately they do not have a Dutch website, click here to go to Babel Fish to translate the website. The museum has an interesting collection and equally interesting exhibitions. They are not all about books. Right now, the art of Penguin books is showcased.

Book Market Deventer in the city of Deventer

Each year, the biggest book market of Europe takes place in this beautiful small city. This year, it is on August 5. It will have 878 book stalls spread over six kilometres. You can learn more about it by translating this website via Babel Fish. (Click here to see some more book markets and festivals around the globe.)

Bookstore in the city of Maastricht

This must be the most beautiful bookstore of the country. It is housed in a former Dominican church. I have written about it before. Click here to see that post.

Book Hotel Doldersum

If you do not know where to stay if you visit The Netherlands, the Book Hotel in the town Doldersum might be an idea. It is the only bookish hotel in the country. It is not close to the big cities, though. I have written about the hotel before, click here to see the post.


2 Responses to “If you go to The Netherlands…”

  1. Kath Says:

    Not to mention the Utrecht Public Library Service. I met Ton van Vlimmeren who if I remember correctly is the Manager of Utrecht PLS a few years ago when he came here to Brisbane. Fascinating man, the library and it’s services (both modern and historical) fascinated me, and I hope to go see it for myself one day.

  2. phoenix Says:

    Thanks, this is great! I’ll make a note of this for when I visit my family in Amsterdam next!

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