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Donate books! April 25, 2007

Filed under: Communities,Miscellaneous — Kim @ 1:49 pm

If you are an avid reader and your house is getting to small to house your read lit, book donation might be something for you. There are a lot of libraries and charities that love to receive your (unwanted) books.

The people from Bibloobuffet have put togother a great list with charities all over the world. There are some very special organisations there. What to think of the Camel Book Drive? You can find the list here. You can also find a list on this website. As said, libraries also like to receive books. Click here for a list of libraries that are in desperate need of books.  


One Response to “Donate books!”

  1. Mary Says:

    i love books. Hey there’s another better idea. I think there should be highschool donations where all teh highschool kids bring all the books they dont need and then they can be sent to these awesome organizations. We do that in our school

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