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Bookstores on You Tube March 29, 2007

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about librarians on You Tube. (Click here to go to that post.) This time I have crept into the depths of You Tube to find you the best, funniest and strangest films on bookstores.

  • The first one I found is about a Bookstore road trip. I want to go on a bookstore road trip too!!! Click here for part one about New York and here for part two about Los Angeles. This next film is quite funny. A guy pulls quite a good prank on a bookstore clerk and has someone secretly tape it. Click here to be entertained.
  • This is a fragment of a film that I (unfortunately) have never seen before. Judging by this clipping, it must be a lot of fun. The movie is called Top Secret. The fragment is featured in a Swedish bookstore. You can click here to see it.
  • The next films are all about bookstores. This one is about the biggest bookstore in Taiwan. JC mentioned this bookstore in the comments of my post on “The world’s best bookstore”. You can see the megalomaniac bookstore here. The following bookstore is quite different. It is called the Antiquarium Bookstore, which can be found in Omaha. I cannot believe the amount of books they house! Like the guy in the film says: it’s a labyrinth of books. To be seen here.
  • The next film is about the City Lights Bookstore in San Fransisco. A very cosy place. Click here to see it. And last but not least… A film about the magical bookstore Shakespeare & Co. I posted a documentary about this bookstore in the past. If you have not seen it, click here. It is a must see. Click here to see the short film about the bookstore, it includes an interview with the granddaughter of the founder, Mr. Whitman.

Bookstore picture


2 Responses to “Bookstores on You Tube”

  1. Christin Says:

    A terrific compilation of video clips! Thank you for the early morning laugh-out-loud at George Whitman yelling “This is how you do it!” at his Sunday pancake breakfast.

  2. […] (starting, interestingly enough, on Sunday, April 1st!). Anyway, go check it out, along with the interesting YouTube video post she has compiled of various bookstores of […]

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