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The worlds best bookstore III March 27, 2007

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Another great bookstore. Sadly, this bookstore is one of a big chain of bookstores, Barnes and Noble. I say sadly, because I love the (small) independent bookstores. But they probably could not afford to turn a movie theatre into a bookstore, like Barnes and Noble did in Rochester, Minnesota in the USA.

The bookstore used to be the Chateau Theatre, which opened its doors to film lovers in 1927. Eventually it fell into disrepair. Barnes and Noble bought the theatre in 1994 and renovated it, hopefully to its former glory. The theatre used to look like a medieval city underneath a ceiling depicting a starry sky.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any pictures of the past and present interior. (If you do, please let me know!) You can learn more about the bookstore here and here. Or click here to go to the webpage of the store. If you know of an amazing bookstore, that you think is the best of the world, please post it here. (You can also click the new category I made, named ‘bookstores’.)

Thanks to Chris for the link!

 Chateau Theatre


4 Responses to “The worlds best bookstore III”

  1. Ann Says:

    I have visited this bookstore and it is lovely on the inside. Starry sky, great painting, and the village are all there. There is at least one shot of the interior on Flickr that shows the turrets and some of the village. Hard to believe anyone ever built this as a theatre and great that it has been saved and restored. Much, much nicer than your usual big box B & N store. It is near Mayo Clinic–may you never need to visit Mayo–but a nice diversion downtown.

  2. Chris Says:

    You’re welcome! I just wish there were more pictures of it online….

  3. Ooh.. where is it? I would love to visit it someday! I just love being in bookstores!

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