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Animal bookmarks March 27, 2007

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I love bookmarks. I started a collection of them recently. The collection consists mostly out of ‘free’ bookmarks. The ones you get from bookstores. I also have bought some that will never be used, because they look great. I display them. Other bookmarks I bought are cosy snuggled up in the books I am reading.

There are so many bookmarks around… Most of them are not very original. I have posted on some more special bookmarks before. You can find them by typing ‘bookmark’ in the search field. The animal shaped bookmarks Carolyn e-mailed me about are quite nice. Something different. Unfortunately they are only available in Japan for the moment. You can see them here. If you have come across a nice bookmark, let me know!

Thanks to Carolyn for the link!

Animal bookmark


2 Responses to “Animal bookmarks”

  1. Lulu Says:

    I have one of these bookmarks. It is technically a fictional animal but I claim it is a loch ness monster ( Much to my bf`s dismay). I live in Japan and these are so cute!!! Only problem is that they are actually designed for Japanese style books which of course you read backwards. So to keep it in properly I have to keep it on the back of my book!!!

    I will take a photo!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    A pattern for a crochet beaded bookmark. Fairly simple to make.

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