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Picture book museum March 23, 2007

Filed under: Art,Communities — Kim @ 1:04 am

I love picture books. The art on some of them is really great. And sometimes the stories are so fantastic, they almost make you cry. There is actually a museum on piture books, I did not know that. It is called “The Eric Carle picture book art museum”. The museum is founded by – as the name already says – Eric Carle. He is the author of the well known children’s picture book “The adventures of the very hungry caterpillar”.

The museum is located in the USA in the city of Amherst in Massachusetts. You can find the website of the museum here. (They also have a nice shop!) By the way, I have to share my favorite picture book of all times with you. It actually brought me to tears. It is one of the most treasured books of my collection. It is called “Love”, by Vanni. You can find it here. If I could buy it in The Netherlands, I would give all my friends a copy. It’s fantastic.

Picture book


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