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Ex libris March 19, 2007

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Or: bookplate. Personally, I hate it when people put bookplates in books. For me it is a real turnoff when I spot a second hand book and the previous owner glued one in. I feel the same when someone felt the need to write their name in a book. Why do people feel that need, I wonder? For collectors the books become worthless.

But… I do like the look of some bookplates. The art on them can be really nice. There is whole bunch of people who feel the same. Hence The Bookplate Society. Or this blog, by a self confessed ‘bookplate junkie’. The history behind these Ex Libris is actually quite interesting. You can learn about it here.

If you do like to put bookplates in your books, or collect them, I have a few links for you. Here you can find really pretty high quality Ex Libris. Also check out these that depict reading women.

Book Plate


5 Responses to “Ex libris”

  1. Nick Says:

    Thanks for the links. I actually enjoy it when a book at a used bookstore has a bookplate in it. It makes me wonder who the owner used to be, and what we might have in common. Even better is when I find a book with an old scrap of paper in it. I’ve found bookmarks, receipts, lots of interesting things. Then again, I’m not a serious book collector, either.

  2. doth Says:

    I also like seeing the book plate or names scrawled in the book. It gives the book some meaning. More history to it. I would love to know the story behind the book and where it’s been. That’s why I was interested in for a while, but that faded away with time.

  3. Perry Hardy Says:

    Hi, I think I agree with comment number 1. I find book plates and hand written notes interesting. It gives a history to the book. I don’t think of books as collector’s items. I hold on to many, and I send many on a journey to another home (or possibly many homes). I once took an old and somewhat unpopular book off a top shelf while in university and found a pressed poppy in it. I imagined that it had been put in many decades ago. I enjoy these personal contributions to the book’s history. What I dislike is when a book has been manhandled. Torn cover…. coffee stain … ink underlinings or highlights! etc.

  4. michellesolange Says:

    I also enjoy finding things in books. I like when I find something so nice as a bookplate because it shows me that the person who owned the book before me cared for it and loved it enough to want to put their mark in it. For some reason, it gives me an ever greater sense of ownership over the book– almost as if I it has been left in my care.

  5. Heidi Says:

    Looks like you’re out-voted. I too love to come across evidence of previous owners and get the opportunity to wonder about their lives.

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