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The world’s best bookstore March 13, 2007

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I would like to find the best bookstore in the world. Or the most impressive one, or whatever you may call it. Of course, I need YOUR help with this. Whilst searching the web for the planet’s greatest bookstore, I came up with this and this. Visitors found that these bookstores were the best on earth. Also Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon (USA), was mentioned quite a lot on the web as the worlds greatest bookstore. I also found this website: “Bookstore hall of fame”. I am sure you can top that! Let me know!

Please supply me with a link of YOUR favourite bookstore and some pictures. And tell my why you think it is so fantastic. This way, the other readers can benefit of it as well! This way, I hope to find the best bookstore on the planet.




13 Responses to “The world’s best bookstore”

  1. jc Says:

    I think one of the best bookstore is in taipei, Taiwan. Eslite bookstore, ChengPin.
    beautiful interior design.
    Friendly staff and millions of books.

  2. Viewsfromtwo Says:

    Being from Portland, I have to agree with the idea of Powell’s as the worlds best bookstore. I’ve been in a lot of bookstores in my life and nothing has ever come close. You can lose many, many hours, just wandering around, and still only uncover a tiny part of Powell’s. If you’re ever in Portland,and you love books, it’s a must see!

  3. danielle Says:

    I’ve always loved the Tattered Cover in Denver, CO.

  4. danielle Says:

    Ok, it would be good if I actually followed directions. I’m no longer in the vicinity, so I can’t really get pictures other than what’s available online: In the 80s, before amazon and online bookstores, Tattered Cover staff were always super helpful in searching for and locating out of print titles. It’s a several story shop, encouraging all sorts of browsing and reading. And even before B&N popularized the trend, they had big puffy chairs and reading nooks for patrons to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. It has never felt like a store to me, more like a very comfortable library from which one can purchase books.

  5. Danielle i was thinking the Tattered Cover as well…I too don’t live in the area but it is a unique “local” bookstore…a lot of great stuff and it’s NOT barnes and nobles.

  6. kimbooktu Says:

    Tattered Cover Bookstore:
    Since I became curious about this store, I looked up on the internet. (I love the name by the way.) I came up with a website that has a picture of it. Maybe others are curious too.

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  9. George Says:

    I have visited many, many used bookstores over the years – Chicago, Edmonton, Calgary, Spokane, Seattle, Portland (and many points between the latter three cities), San Francisco and other San Francisco Bay area cities and have stopped at almost every sign that says BOOKS.
    It is hard to imagine any booksthop even approaching Powell’s flagship store in Portland, Oregon as far as depth and breadth of saleable inventory.
    My last trip to this “mecca” (about 600 miles away) was September, 2007 – I went searching for books on blogging, websites and all related subjects and was not disappointed.
    They will display new, used and remainder volumes of a book on the same shelf – side by side by side. I have heard they have in the range of 2 million books in this one store (it occupies an entire city block in downtown Portland).

    Quality, depth and breadth – outstanding!
    A book buyers heaven – if you prefer function, utility and sensible pricing over aesthetics.

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  11. taha Says:

    Maybe you find the greatest bookstore among the most interesting ones to be seen on our website here:

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