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Books on writers March 13, 2007

Filed under: Books all sorts — Kim @ 12:22 am

If you love books, you love writers. Todays post about books on books is all about the people who produce our wonderful reading. Their lives, their thoughts, their inspirations. For instance: how do they live? You can find out about it in the book “American writers at home”, to be found here. If you want to know more about the homes of authors, this book might be interesting. It is called “Writers’ houses”, to be found here.

There is also a book of beautiful portraits of writers. The pictures are very nice. The book is called “Writers: photographs”. You can learn more about it here. I always want to know what the people who write like to read. And alas, there was a writer who thought the same. The book “The top ten: writers pick of their favourite books” was the final product. You can find it here. Last, I would like to bring “The Believer books of writers talking to writers” to your attention. As the title says, the book included interviews with writers, by writers. To be found here.



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