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Design a cover March 8, 2007

Filed under: Books all sorts,Gifts — Kim @ 9:53 pm

Recently I visited an English language book store in my city and came across something peculiar. It were books published by Penguin. The covers of these books were blank. They had no cover art at all. On closer inspection I found out that they did this on purpose.

Penguin wants the reader to make the cover. “Books by the greats, covers by you”, is their slogan. With my drawing skills that is almost a mortal sin. If you are a good artist, maybe you should give it a try. Penguin has made a contest out of it. They reprinted six titles with blank covers. On the website you can also see the inspirational creations of others. Some of them are quite good! You can learn more about the books they make this way and the competition here.

They also thought it would make a really great gift idea. You can give someone one of these books and make the cover yourself. That’s quite original. I found this a very good idea. Anyway, if you decide to join the contest, make sure to send me a picture of your creation!


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  1. Alice Says:

    would like to know more

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