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Great Library Zine February 14, 2007

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Recently I got a fantastic zine in the post. Its maker, Chella Quint, was very nice to mail it to me. I love this little booklet! It is called “The Low-Tech Library”. It features great little articles on starting your own library, cataloguing your books and more. Much more. I think she should either make a website about the contents of her zine, or transform it into a real book.

She informed me she is running out of copies of this zine. If there is enough interest she will consider re-printing them again. I hope she does. You can enquire about the zine via her e-mail. Click here to send her some fanmail. Or check her Myspace on the Zine here.

@ Chella: If I forgot something, feel free to add it in the comments!

The low tech library


4 Responses to “Great Library Zine”

  1. Chella Says:

    Hi Kim!

    Yeah, all of the above is true. I am going to make this zine available again, so if anyone would like a copy or to distro it, please let me know and I’ll start working out how many copies I need to make. I had a lot of fun writing the zine. It was easy to do because I was left in the library as a child and raised in the reference section.

    Thanks so much for posting about my zine – glad you like it!


  2. iliana Says:

    Hi Kim – Love all the stuff you feature but this is one really caught my attention. I love zines! Thank you for the tip.

  3. Lauren Says:

    Chella, I’d love one! And I might want to get more for my web site’s readers.

  4. Chella Says:

    That’s great! Ilana – let me know if you want to talk zines! Lauren – that sounds great!

    You guys should drop me an email.

    thanks, Kim!


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