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In the news II! January 31, 2007

Filed under: About the website — Kim @ 2:50 pm

After the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, the little sister of this paper also printed a article on this website. This paper,, used the same text. But accompanied it with a nice picture. I could not believe my luck when I learned about it this morning. And even more so when I saw it in real life! (Click on image to enlarge.)

Thanks to Jos for scanning and e-mailing the article!


5 Responses to “In the news II!”

  1. patricia Says:

    WOW!! How do you say congratulations in Dutch?

    Good for you, Kim! Your site really is amazing!

  2. Kyle Says:

    Congrats Kim! Now I just need an English translation of the newspaper article…

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Patricia: congratulations in Dutch is: gefeliciteerd.

    @ Kyle: I will now translate the articles for you. Fortunately they are the same… I will post them as a reply.

  4. kimbooktu Says:

    This is the translation in English of the articles:

    Reading gadgets
    Kimbooktu is a weblog about reading gadgets. The blog is made by the 27-year old Kim Heijdenrijk from The Hague. She collects beautiful bookmarks, books about books and libraries, objects shaped like a book et cetera on her English weblog. Kimbooktu is easy to read and nicely illustrated.

    The ‘slanket’ looks very inviting during these cold days. It is a big warm fleece blanket with sleeves. You can wear it on the sofa when you are, for instance, reading or surfing the web. The name comes from ‘sleeves’ and ‘blanket’. Gary Glegg, the inventor of the Slanket, thought of the idea during his first cold winter as a student in the freezing Maine. In the mean time producing and selling the Slanket has grown to a family business.

    Nice are also the furniture to store books, like a little round table with bookshelves in the middle. Or a rocking chair for children with a wooden box to put books in. See for more gadgets:

  5. D S Says:

    Heh! Thats gr8 news :). Congratulations. Your site is very useful and interesting.

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