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Input January 20, 2007

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I really enjoy making this blog, but it is my fellow book lovers I make it for. It is nice to have a passion, but it can only spark when you can share it with someone. I am sharing it with you. And you are sharing it with me.

On Sunday 21. January this blog is online for a month. As said before, the amount of visitors is overwhelming. I never conceived it when starting this blog. A lot of you have left me very nice comments with compliments. I thank you for that. But there is always room for improvement. I started this blog on book gadgets because I was always looking for one myself. Since – apparently – I was not alone, I am trying my hardest to make this site as fun and informative as I can. And that’s where I need YOU.

Since there is no other website on bookish gadgets around, I am trying my hardest to make this one worth your time. I want it to be a fun website about our mutual passion: books. And everything that has to do with it. Please let me know what you like and what you do not like about this blog. Is there anything missing you would like to see? Are there things that can be better? I would like to know! Please do not hesitate and let me know in the comments of via e-mail. Thank you!



13 Responses to “Input”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    The only complaint I have is that you find too many interesting things! I don’t always have the time to investigate them all as much as I would like. One or two a day would be fine, but that’s just me.

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    Thank you for your comment! Actually, if others agree with you, I would be quite happy…

    It costs me a lot of time to come up with new gagets every day. I have set the goal of posting 4 gadgets and 1 book about books every day. So there are a couple of new postst daily. This is to keep people interested since this blog is quite new.

    By now, I have covered a lot of bookish gadgets and it becomes harder every day to find new ones. Since I want to keep the readers happy, and come back for more, I post quite a lot of goodies every day.

    Some days I am worried that I cannot come up with any gadgets, because I posted about most of them. So If other readers feel the same, I can post less of them. I always work a couple of days ahead, just in case.
    But on the other hand… One can never have to many book related gadgets!

    For this reason I always ask for people to mail me if they have seen something. Fortunately, some people do. It takes me hours to find something, while some people have the most amazing gadgets filed in their favorites.

    If more people feel the same way you do, I will post less gadgets.

  3. Lauren Says:

    I would prefer to see only one a day. While I enjoy seeing more, it is difficult to keep up. I went back and bookmarked quite a few and, when I have the time, will weed them out. But one per day–perhaps on weekdays only–would work well.

    The only other suggestion I have is to set up some sort of search or archive thing. As your posts get moved back by newer ones, the reader either has to be willing to go back many pages (frankly, a pain) or just forget about seeing older posts. It may not have been a problem in the first week, but it’s getting worse. Just bookmarking all the stuff I did (as noted above) took me an hour.

  4. Lauren Says:

    I forgot to mention: you may want to consider expanding your “bookish” things to include blogs and web sites that you like. They are not tangible, but they can be of interest. I’ve got quite a few bookmarked, and I find them delightfully “bookish.” (That said, I love the tangile things you post.)

  5. Abigail G Says:

    I love the blog but I too agree with feeling a little overwhelmed. If you slowed down a little, I wouldn’t lost interest–believe me!! Sometimes a good post gets lost though in the 50 other things i want to read in the next 20 minutes…

    Truly enjoying it though!! Thanks for doing it!

  6. kimbooktu Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Considering them, I will take the weekend off. Then you get to catch up and I can celibrate my birthday!

    I will post less in the future. I did not realize it is hard to catch up after a couple of days. You are so right! Thank you.

    There a four different ways to retrieve olders posts. You can go back by clicking at the bottom of each page. Each page has 10 items on it. So, roughly, you get 2 days worth of posts on one page. You can also find older posts via the categories, archives or search box.

    Thanks for your comments!

  7. Chris Says:

    I just found your blog yesterday but I really like it and have added a link to it on my blog! I think other bookworms would appreciate it. I agree that maybe yu should only post once a day as I can see that it would be overwhelming for you.

    I don’t know where you find those gadgets but keep it up.

  8. Heather T. Says:

    One a day would be just perfect. Then we can all spend quality time drooling over each gaget! hehe Happy One Month Blogoversary!

  9. Linda Says:

    I think one every other day would be fine. Possibly just cover your gadgets instead of books because there are plenty of blogs that focus on them. Don’t take this the wrong way, but the occasional use of a spell checker would be a good idea too!

  10. kimbooktu Says:

    Thank you for your comments! That’s settled then. One a day. Thank your for letting me know.

    @ Linda: I always use a spell checker exept for replying on your comments. Still, sometimes a typo creeps in. I try to change them when I see them.

  11. ggwfung Says:

    you have done some wonderful things here. The whole feel is very professional.

    You have struck a good habit in having constantly new material. It means people can drop in daily – and know they will get a fix of book gadgets.

    I find it a delight everytime I drop in.


  12. Kim Says:

    Love your site! One a day would be fabulous! I love what you are doing, thanks and keep it up!

  13. JV Says:

    Hear, hear. Same complain, too many good things togather. I almost add up everything in my wish-list.

    Keep up the good work.

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