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1001 books… January 15, 2007

Filed under: Books about Books — Kim @ 2:59 pm

… you must read before you die. That’s the book about books for today. The title comes across a bit popular and so does the cover. But in fact, this seems to be a very interesting book. All the titles are hand picked by a series of experts. Every book title comes with a short critical essay on the book. They also describe the print history and the possible designs the book came in. The articles do not contain any ‘spoilers’ luckily. You can read reviews and/or order the book here (EU click here).


3 Responses to “1001 books…”

  1. doth Says:

    Not sure if this counts a spoiler (so feel that you have been warned), but we have a bookclub at work titled “1001 books you must read before you die… the club” because we didn’t like how few of the books we had read from this gigantic list. You can also use a spreadsheet (from here: to see how many of them you have read.

    I own the book too and it’s a piece of art!

    How many books have you read on the list?

  2. Lulu Says:

    There is a 501 book edition by the same publisher if 1001 books is too daunting. I bought it at Borders on the cheap book table for $9.99 right before Christmas.

  3. doth Says:

    501 books seem much more attainable! But the 1001 books book is so lovely in the way it was designed. Depends on if you really want the list or if you want a book to look at more pretty books.

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