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DIY bookworm bookmark January 13, 2007

Filed under: DIY — Kim @ 12:56 pm

If you love to crochet, this might be something for you! This website tells you how to make your own bookworm bookmark. All you need is some leftover wool and off you go! At least it is less work then knitting a scarf…




3 Responses to “DIY bookworm bookmark”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Oh wow, this brings back memories. One of my elementary teachers used to make these and give them away. I think I’ve lost ming, but now I can make my own! Thanks.

  2. Lori Says:

    My grandmother used to make these! Thanks for jogging the memory.

  3. […] @ 7:44 pm I have posted about a do-it-yourself-crochet-bookmark in the past. (To be found here.) This time, I have another one for you. If I was any good at crocheting, I would give it a go. Too […]

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