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The care… January 11, 2007

Filed under: Books about Books — Kim @ 12:23 pm

… and feeding of books old and new. This is the title of the book about books entry of today. The under title is: “A simple repair manual for book lovers”. This says it all. I am always very careful with my books. I read them with great care, never loan them out, make sure they do not face the sun and stay away from moist. Therefore I hardly ever have to repair my books.

But sometimes, when I buy second hand books, they are in a bit of a state. Once in a while I cannot resist but to purchase them anyway. The book of today tells you how to care for old books like that. But new books with some damage are also mentioned in this book. The authors also tell you how you can keep your books in top condition. Seems like a must for book collectors! You can look inside it and/or buy it here here (US) and here here (EU).

The care...


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