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Book hunt NY January 10, 2007

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Yesterday, my book about books entry was about book hunting in London. Today another favourite city of mine has the honours. I have been to New York once and LOVED it! Next time I go, I will take “Literary Landmarks: A book lover’s guide to New York” with me.

This book will take you to the houses and favourite places of the most famous writers in the world. It is illustrated with lots of old photo’s and anecdotes. I would love to take one of the tours in this book. Talk about site seeing! You can buy it here (US) or here (EU).

Book Lover's guide to NY


One Response to “Book hunt NY”

  1. […] Kimbooktu has done it again! Today she has me running to St. Mark’s Bookshop to purchase Literary Landmarks: The Book Lover’s Guide to New York. Heck, if I’m going to live in New York, I might as well take advantage of the literary landmarks! […]

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