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Book lover’s London January 9, 2007

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I have a passion for London. And I have a passion for books. This book a combination of the two. I lived in Londen for a short while and one of my favourite things to do was browsing the enormous amount of book shops. This book would have come in quite handy. It tells you were to find certain book shops and other stores where you can pick up books. This book also lists book markets and other bookish events. It also has walks in it that lead you to houses of writers. So if you are planning a trip to London, be sure to bring this book with you! (EU click here)

Book lover's London


2 Responses to “Book lover’s London”

  1. I want to plan a literary trip to London within the next year. Do they mention 84 Charing Cross Road? I love the movie and the book. Even if the bookstore no longer exists, I still want to see the location in person.

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    I don’t know if the book mentions 84. Charing Cross road. Since it is THE book shop street of London, I would suspect they might mention number 84.

    I have read the book too. I loved it. The film is something different. I’ve tried to rent it and buy it for years now, but it is no longer available in my country. Boohoo.

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