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Good book? January 7, 2007

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Kim @ 3:38 pm

Earlier I posted about a book safe. That hollow book is guarantied to keep your precious belongings save. But what about this one? This book, which seems to be a bible, houses a hip flask. So if you feel the need to hide your liquor, this book might be something for you. Strangely enough this ‘gadget’ is called The Good Book.

Good Book


2 Responses to “Good book?”

  1. doth Says:

    Very cute! You know, one year, I received what I thought was a used book from my cousins in England. I put it under the tree without much thought. When I was moving it to my room, I flipped through it and realized they had turned it into the same idea — they had cut out the middle of the pages and had put a necklace in a box inside — so now I have both a necklace and a book safe!

  2. This is the perfect gift for my mother-in-law who has a PhD in theology AND loves her bourbon straight up.

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