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Book sculptures January 7, 2007

Filed under: Art — Kim @ 3:34 pm

How beautiful! This art is so fantastic, that it took me a while to feel sorry for the books! This artist must have all the patience in the world. To cut out pages in all those different shapes! Usually, I hate people who destroy books. No matter how good their reasons are. But this women… I forgive her.



5 Responses to “Book sculptures”

  1. Darmok Says:

    That is beautiful.

    Incidentally, would you consider increasing the contrast between links and normal text? If you’re going to remove the standard underlines, you should make sure the color is different; it is very hard for me to find the links in your posts without running the pointer over everything you write…

    Just a suggestion!

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    I wish I could. There is no way for me to change that. Not having underlines, but a different colour to highlight the link, is standard for this look.

    I have no problems with seeing the links. They appears very clear on my laptop and PC. Do other people have problems seeing the links too?

  3. doth Says:

    They are highlighted on my screen, and I don’t have a problem finding them.

  4. Darmok Says:

    They show up well on my computer at work, but not on my laptop at home—I didn’t even know they were highlighted! But now that you told me I found that if I put my head really low, at an angle to the screen, I can see the highlight, so I will know how to find the links for the future. Perhaps my screen is unique in the lack of contrast between the colors.

  5. aleonblue Says:

    Wow! They really are captivating!

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