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Liebrary January 6, 2007

Filed under: Games — Kim @ 5:58 pm

I wondered for a while why the developers of the game gave it such a misspelled name. After reading the instructions, I understood! Each player will hear the title and a short description of a book. You have to make up a first line of the book to fool your fellow players into thinking yours is the genuine first line of the book. Basically, you have to lie. The player who reaches the end of the board first wins!

This game could be a lot of fun. I think I would win all the time. I would start every first line with ‘once upon a time’. Or is that to simple? Does anybody know this game?

Liebrary game



2 Responses to “Liebrary”

  1. Essy Says:

    This is the same game as ‘Ex Libris’ only with a board.

    I wonder who stole from whom…

  2. klysha Says:

    Sounds very similar to Balderdash which I have played…. and won I might add….

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