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Gutenberg’s Gift January 5, 2007

Filed under: Books about Books — Kim @ 12:04 pm

The book about books entry of today is one that is sadly out of print. It seems so fantastic, though, that I could not resist posting it. I have searched the web and found several of them in second hand book shops and on Ebay. So, if you would like one it is not impossible to obtain it.

Gutenberg’s Gift is a pop-up book about the first printed book. The book does not tell you the real story about Gutenberg, but that really does not matter. In this book Gutenberg wants to make a book for his wife. The pop ups are fantastic, so I’ve heard.

Gutenberg's Gift


2 Responses to “Gutenberg’s Gift”

  1. patricia Says:

    OH MY GOD. I MUST have that book.

  2. kimbooktu Says:

    Haha. I figured you would like that one! I hope you can find a nice, cheap copy. If you have it, please leave another reply to say if it lived up to your expectations.

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