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Catalog your library December 22, 2006

Filed under: Handy — Kim @ 3:43 am

I would like to catalog my library. As the number of books are growing, it becomes more difficult to remember what I have and do not have. There are several programs available to organize your books. You either scan or type the ISBN of the book and the program searches online for the particulars.

It is a shame that none of the programs do this for Dutch books. Since being Dutch, most of my books are in this language. This means that I have to enter all the details myself. This is the reason why I did not catalogue my books yet. I own over a thousand books, which makes cataloguing by hand a day job. If you are English or American on the other hand, most of the software should prove useful to you. Most programmes retrieve the information of your books from Amazon or national libraries.

As said, there are several programmes available. Most of them offer a trail period, after which you have to purchase the program. In most of the cases the software is not too expensive. Visit the sites to compare the screen shots. Here is a summery of the available software especially made for home libraries:

They offer book collector. A nice looking program, which I tried myself. If it had download options for Dutch books, I would buy the software without a doubt. They offer a free trail of 30 days. Costs: 39,95 dollars.


This program also retrieves information on books on the web. This program also costs 39,95 dollars. I have not tried this program, so I cannot tell you anything about the looks or use.


For Linux operated systems only. This program is freeware. You can store up to 2000 books, this on the contrary of the programs above. They store unlimited amount of books. I am not sure if the programme gives you the details of a book by entering the ISBN.


This programme is similar to the first two. This one costs 40 dollars. I have tried this software before. Again, it was not of any use with my Dutch books. The program looks and handles very simple. It looks like another folder in Windows. It does have a lot of options. After the trial, I found it very difficult to remove it from my computer.


This program also searches the internet to complete the information about your books. There is a professional and a academic version of the program available.

Library Master

The same maker of Bookwhere also offers Library Master. Both programmes look quite bland. I have not tried either of them, though. This particular program also catalogues articles and other publications.

If you have Microsoft Access on your computer, you can also make a database. Then it is free, but the downside is that you have to type all the information yourself.