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The bibliophile chair December 21, 2006

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I love specials ways of storing books. Not only can this prove to be a unique object in your house, it can also save a lot of room! What’s better then to latterly sit on your books? This very stylish chair allows you to do that:


The chair, called the Dondola is designed by the Italian Pucci de Rossi. It is made of stainless steel and it rocks. In every sense of the way! If you are interested in buying it, you have to contact gallery Made 75 in Paris.

This next chair, I like even better. You can store up to 5 meters of books in it. I think it looks amazing. Plus, you can customise the chair to your own wishes. You can change the wood, the colour and the fabric.


This chair is made by two, again Italian, designers who work under the name “Nobody & co”. They named this beautiful chair the “Bibliochaise”. Bibliochaise



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