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Little Librarian Kit February 18, 2011

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Ohhhhh! This is so cute! The Little Librarian kit provide children with everything they need to start their own little library. It even comes with little check-out cards! Little Librarian was selected as a finalist for the Disney Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year Award for 2010. I can see why, this is great! The package includes 7 mini file folders, 15 book pockets, 15 book cards, 4 library cards, 4 reading awards, 2 bookmarks, 6 overdue slips, and 1 reading journal. You can learn more and/or order it here.


Discworld Board Games February 17, 2011

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My husband is a big Terry Pratchett fan and he stumbled upon some board games, related to the books. There is a Wiki on the games, to be found here.  I will state the different board games available now and in the future below:



This is the first Discworld board game. “Thud! is an abstract game based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld saga, more specifically on the epic Battle of Koom Valley between the Dwarfs and the Trolls. The players play on a 165 octagonal shaped board as either the Dwarfs or the Trolls. The 8 Trolls start the game in the middle of the board as they have been ambushed by 32 Dwarves (surrounding them at the outer edge of the board). Trolls and Dwarves have different ways of moving and capturing. Each battle is ended by mutual agreement and then scored. When the first battle is over, the players switch sides. The combined scores from both battles determine the winner.”

The book and the game have a fan page of its own, to be found here.  On this website, it is also possible to play Thud! online. Click here to go directly to that page.

To order the game, click here.


Guards! Guards!

This game will be released this summer. Learn more about the game here.



This game will be one the market on October. To read more about it, click here.


Dutch book art February 1, 2011

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The Dutch graphic designer Kim Eggens, is specialised in crafting beautiful blank books. She uses a variety of techniques on the covers, such as quilting and embroidery. Next to this, she often works photographs into her covers too. For the inside she makes use of different sorts of paper in different sizes. The results are beautiful blank books, perfect to be used as diary’s. (Tip: click on the photographs to see more details.) There is a webshop on her website, but there is no sign of any of the books going on sale yet.



Book cover posters

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Some book covers have such fantastic art on them, that you sometimes wish there was a poster of it. The company ‘Bookish Design UK’ obviously thought the same and made this wish come true. They do not offer a whole lot of posters of book covers, but I am sure there will be more to come. You can order the posters over the internet, but there is also a list of stores across the world where you can buy them. The company also makes some bookish t-shirts, by the way.



Bookish owl earrings January 27, 2011

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Want! How cute are these earrings? I love owls! The earrings are handmade from old books and newspapers and they look lovely bookish. (There is also a necklace and brooch available.)


Book quizzes

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If you want to test your knowledge of books and literature, I found the perfect website for you. The quizzes on it are not too easy . I have to admit, I find most of them pretty hard! You can test yourself on (for instance) Anne Rice Novels, Books by their Covers and even Literary Couples or Literature by The Simpsons. There is a quiz about almost every author you can think of and about the strangest book related topics around. Good luck and have fun!


MP3 player shaped like a book January 25, 2011

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I love the design of this MP3 player! It seems a bit big if you compare it with the popular devices, but when placed next to a book (as below) it is not too bad. Anyhow, you cannot really go wrong for $23. A nice present for a book lover, I would think.


A ‘real’ MacBook January 21, 2011

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No. There is nothing wrong with the look of a MacBook. The design is nice and sleek. I just does not really look like a Book, now does it? The solution is near! With this cover, the laptop looks quite the part. Even better: you protect it from damage too. I want one! If I owned a MacBook…


Reading glasses with bookish case

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If you need glasses for reading, and have you have+3.00, these glasses might be something for you. The glasses themselves look pretty good and the case looks even better!


Bookish nap time January 19, 2011

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Not sure if this pillow that looks like a book is comfortable. I am pretty sure your boss is going to be pretty upset when he sees you walk into the building with this. Or it means that you need to get a life. 😉