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Reading light June 25, 2008

Filed under: Furniture — Kim @ 11:10 pm

How cute! I want one, I want one! One of Kimbooktu’s readers e-mailed a link to this fantastic reading light. The design is quite simple, if you are creative you could even make one yourself. Click here to learn more.

Thanks to Sarah for the link!


Snow in summer June 6, 2008

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Or better: snow every day of the year! This bookcase is beautiful. If will not be easy to house books in it without damaging them or putting them in a strange position all together. But the case looks great, I have got to say. It would work great as a room divider. You can read more about it here.

Thanks to Phoenix for the link!


Pimp my Billy May 9, 2008

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German designers have designed a gadget to go along with the famous Billy bookcases by IKEA. Since a couple of weeks, I too have these cases. They are not only cheep, but you can buy loads of accessories for them. The best part is, you do not have to be afraid that any additions will not be sold anymore next year.

The Pimp my Billy is a fun thing. I was immediately interested in it. It looks interesting, fun and the color is just right for my library. Until I saw the price. One can buy a whole room full of Billy’s for the price of this gadget. Click here to learn more.

PS. I will be out of the country next week for business. If I find any great bookstores in the German city of Heidelberg, I will let you know!


The 30 most creative bookshelves March 1, 2008

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Sorry for not posting as much as I used to. We are very busy packing up all our stuff for our move. After we are settled into our new house, I will post with the frequency you are used to. Promise!

As said before, I am all into bookcases these days. That is why the next website caught my attention. On it is a collection of 30 bookshelves that is considered ‘the most creative’ by the authors. Some of the bookshelves might be familiar, since I wrote about them in the past.  Nevertheless, there are some fantastic shelves in the list. Click here to visit the site. I will not post about bookshelves for a while now, you probably had enough…


Flexible Shelving February 22, 2008

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Here is another shelving idea for your books. I post a lot of those lately, I just noticed. Must be because we are getting the keys to our new house in a little bit over a month. Very exiting.

Anyway, this is one of the most novel ways to shelve books I have seen in a while. The Elastico Shelf. All it takes is this giant rubber band and two iron pegs. Simplicity at its best, created by designer Arianna Vivenzio

I could not find a store where it is sold, or how much it costs. If you know, please post it in the comments!

Elastico Shelf


More book storage ideas February 17, 2008

Filed under: DIY,Furniture — Kim @ 2:49 am

The more ideas to store books the better! Recently, I wrote this post about a good place to store your books. A couple of days later, the next idea arrived in my mailbox. I absolutely love it. How fantastic that looks! Click here to find out more.

Thanks to Ellen for the link! 


Now that’s an idea! February 8, 2008

Filed under: DIY,Furniture — Kim @ 11:21 pm

We booklover’s are always complaining about a lack of space. This creative mind thought of a great solution! It is definitely something different. Click here to learn more.

Thanks to Cassandra for the link!



Dutch Enlightenment January 29, 2008

Filed under: Furniture — Kim @ 10:32 pm

Dutch designer Hans Meiboom must have had an unlighted moment when he came up with this lamp. The lamp, shaped like a book, has the title “The Enlightenment”. I think it is very beautiful. I might even buy it for my new library. You can find out more, by clicking here. This directs you to the English page of the website.

The Enlightenment


Roman shelving system January 23, 2008

Filed under: Furniture — Kim @ 12:11 am

Well, almost. The designer, Sean Yoo, got his idea for this shelving unit when he visited Pompeii in Italy. There, he saw a roman wall which is build by means of the ‘opus incertum‘ technique. After some further research, he came up with the ‘Opus Shelving System’. It is very light in weight, but yet very strong. So is the price. Learn more about the shelves here.

Thanks to Arlen for the link! 

PS. Speaking of shelves. There are some new entries on Your Shelves! Click here to see the shelves of other book lover’s. (And do not by shy to send in your own!)


Take a seat! December 17, 2007

Filed under: Art,Bookish You Tube,Furniture — Kim @ 2:20 pm

How hard is it to find a chair or something to sit on in the library? Usually they are taken up by people who spend all day reading the papers and stuff. The Dutch designer Jelte van Geest found an amazing solution for it. You get your own seat the moment you enter the library. And it stays with you the entire time. Sounds weird? Click the video below to see it in action!



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